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Creative Ways to Sell Your Property

You don't know what you don't know.

  1. Sale with cash now and interest on the rest

  2. Contract for deed

  3. Seller carryback

  4. How much cash do you need down?

  5. What interest rate do you want on the rest?

  6. Partial Sale

  7. Sell to an operating partner

  8. Trade equity for another asset such as retirement home in Florida

  9. Pay capital gains rates on membership unit gain on sale

  10. Get increased cash flow and equity over time

  11. Master Lease with Option

  12. Do you still want the depreciation but not the headache?

  13. Lock in a fixed monthly rent

  14. Let someone else invest the money into renovating your building

  15. Chapter 721 UPREIT or Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)

  16. Tax deferred exchanges that convert your real estate into stock

  17. Completely hands off

  18.   1031 Exchange

  19. Buy yourself another management project

  20. Defer taxes, for now


If you are unfamiliar with any of these strategies, then you need our consultation more than you think. Don't leave money on the table, schedule a confidential, no obligation discussion directly with Mike here.

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