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Get Top Dollar

We structure different options for you to choose from. Some options we offer are: 

  1. All cash

  2. Installment sale

  3. Partial sale

  4. Contract for Deed

  5. Master lease

  6. Trade equity into our fund via 721 exchange

  7. Some cash, some guaranteed payments

We are not looking to low-ball you, but we aren't looking to overpay either. Our interest is in doing a fair deal that is equitable to both sides. If you are reasonable on your expectations we can help you maximize your sale price and minimize taxes by structuring some different options for you and your family to choose from. 


To request an offer simply fill out the form and we will get the process rolling. And don't worry, our process is very discrete and easy

We Make It Easy to Sell
Commercial Property

What's a 721 Exchange?

The 721 exchange, akin to the 1031 exchange, presents an avenue for investors to postpone capital gains taxes while relinquishing control of a property used for business or investment purposes. These tax deferral methods offer investors alternatives to traditional sales, so they can maximize the sale proceeds from a sale while also simplifying their estate and generating passive income in retirement. 

How does a 721 exchange function? 

In a 721 exchange, also known as an "UPREIT," an investor transfers property to a Operating Partnership in exchange for ownership in that partnership. They can also take some of the proceeds in cash if they desire. 

What are the primary benefits of a 721 exchange? 

Passive Income: REIT shareholders enjoy passive income as managers oversee the REIT's operations and assets, relieving investors of day-to-day decision-making responsibilities.


  1. Tax Advantages: Through a 721 exchange, gains from property sales are deferred, unlike in typical sales where gains are subject to immediate taxation. This allows investors to utilize 100% of sale gains to purchase REIT shares without facing significant tax burdens.

  2. Diversification: Investing in REIT shares through a 721 exchange offers diversification benefits, with properties spread across various geographic locations, tenant profiles, industries, and asset classes.

  3. Estate Planning: The 721 exchange is a beneficial strategy for estate planning, as it simplifies asset transfer to heirs through shares held in a trust, enabling them to avoid capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes upon inheritance.

Can an investor perform a 1031 exchange after a 721 exchange? 

Once a 721 exchange is completed, capital gains taxes cannot be deferred further through a 1031 exchange, as partnership shares are ineligible. If partnership shares are sold or capital is returned to investors, capital gains or losses must be recognized upon tax filing.

Watch the video on the right to learn more about how these work. 

Building in the city center
Why Sell To Us?

You may or may not be ready to sell, but if you are flirting with the idea, call us first. Here is why many property owners sold to us instead of listing their property.

We Buy As-Is

No need to make any repairs or fill any vacancies.


We have a structured process because we do this everyday which makes it easy for you to sell to us

We Are Very Discrete

Your tenants or employees will not know we are buying the property unless you want them to.


We can close on your timeline and put custom clauses into the purchase agreement that meet your needs for a 1031 exchange or other special considerations.

No Broker Fees

You save 4-6% in real estate commissions if your property is not already listed. If it is, we will work with your broker to get you the best price.

Price or Terms

We can give you the price you need or the terms you want! You pick one, and we can structure some different options for you to choose from.

No Financing Contingency

We are already fully funded, so you don't have to worry about the deal falling apart in financing.

721 Exchange Option

We allow people to contribute their properties to our fund and defer any capital gains taxes.

Our Process

To best understand your unique property and provide you with a profitable offer, we engage in a 5 step process.

The key drivers of our proven process are:


  • Verify Alignment

  • Discuss Process

  • Price Expectations



  • Tour Property

  • Review Documents

  • Interviews



  • Present Options 

  • Answer Questions

  • Input from Advisors



  • Underwrite Property

  • Legal Review

  • Investor Verification 



  • Close Transaction

  • Onboard Property

  • Implement Plan

Situations We Work With

Commercial Investors Group can list your property or make an offer to purchase your property directly from you without all of the contingencies and get cash in your hands now. Here are the types of situations we often work with:

  • Property management problems

  • Tenant Problems

  • Vacancy Problems

  • Partnership problems

  • Deferred Maintenance

  • Foreclosure

  • Inherited Property

  • Divorce 

  • Bankruptcy

  • City or County issues

  • Legal issues

  • Environmental or zoning issues

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