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How To Prepare to Sell Your Commercial Building

What to know that could net you hundreds of thousands more.

I often get asked by sellers how to prepare for the sale of their building. Here is what I tell them. The faster they can get these documents ready in an online due diligence library the faster we can get a deal done. You will need them anyway, so why not prepare them in advance BEFORE listing your commercial real estate property and maximize the price your property will sell for because you have your ducks in a row, so your property has less "perceived risk". 

Here is a great list of what to prepare. 

 • Seller to assemble due diligence package in google

  •   Floor plans

  • CAD work

  • Space measurement study

  •   Reports

  • Inspection

  • Structural

  • Survey

  • Environmental

  •   Title Committment

  •   Financials (3 years)

  • Tax returns

  • P&Ls

  • Expense detail by category

  •   Lease documents

  • Actual Leases

  • Amendments

  • Estoppels

  • Rent roll

If you can prepare these then the next question is how to do I maximize the value my commercial real estate building will sell for? 


Fix the major repairs. Fill the vacancies.

Then list it for max price and do a world-class media package. Get it online. Then take massive action driving traffic to your online property listing and ultimately your on site property. 

We can do all of this for you or put together an investment group and buy it as-is if you don't want to do anything to the building. Call me or schedule a meeting and let's discuss!

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